The KS Aviation Museum wanted to focus on bringing in a younger demographic by encapsulating the wonder and history of flight.

The Idea

Show the entire process of a Porsche being designed from concept to completion. Go through every stage, from the initial clay build, to being torture tested, crashed, flipped, frozen, heated, and raced.

People like to see how things are made, and why things are made the way they're made, is artistry and a love for detailed craftsmanship.

The Process

The entire commercial was made in 3D using 3ds Max and Vray. Over 250 hours of work and over 300 hours of render time went into this project. Below are some breakdowns as well as before and afters in clay renders.

Porsche "Artistry"


Porsche "Artistry"

Production Company
Salty Old Dog

Logan McNay

Jordan Entz

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