Here's to the Athletes


Here's to the Athletes

Production Company
Salty Old Dog

Director Logan McNay
DP Seth Binford
Gaffer David Dunsmoor
Steadicam Op Justin Cary
On Ice Cam Op Eron Rawson
Grip Andrew Claycomb
Grip Max Frish
Grip Luke Weber
FPV Drone Op Adam Dreher
Grip Derek Lowrey
Editor Logan McNay
Photographer Alex Schneider
Producer Seth Binford
1st AC David Dunsmoor
Golf Cart Driver Evan Selenke
Menace Arm Build Neil Bontrager
Drums Justin Crump
Audio Studio Brickhouse Studios
Sound Engineer Craig Beebe
Gear Provided by Kansas Grip
Derek Lowrey Productions
Andrew Claycomb
Midwest Film Co.

Basket ball
- Hannah Mortimer
- Paige Baldwin
- Laura Hogan
- Raquel Rios-Reed
Weight Lifter
- Stephany Carter
- Katherine Andrusak

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