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I.E: Some things to describe me that have absolutely nothing to do with film:  

I geek out on the design of everyday things. I like to practice karate. My favorite shows are: Breaking Bad, Mr. Robot, Better Call Saul, Maniac, & The Office (Seasons 1-4).  I’m a Christian. I wear beat-up barefoot shoes & a blue shirt almost everyday. You could call me a coffee snob, but there's a certain satisfaction you can't get anywhere else than with drinking microwaved coffee. And I love learning, in fact, I started a playlist of some of my favorite “boring” videos that I find fascinating right here. In the end, making things is a part of who I am, and making meaning of those things is what I'm in pursuit of. I’m a filmmaker, and this is me in a nutshell. Thanks the read.

Learning something new everyday.
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