Hey there! I'm a VFX artist + Director.

As a vfx artist, I've worked on national & web commercials, music videos, and more for clients such as Wendy's,, Experian, Tik Tok, Aflac & others. I do photo-real CG animation, compositing, & fluid/smoke simulations., and own 3 workstation PCs connected by a Synology NAS server with a 10G managed switch for network rendering and storage redundancy, along with a Flanders Scientific DM 241 broadcast monitor for true 10 bit color accurate viewing while compositing. I use 3ds Max, Vray, Phoenix FD, & after effects/Premiere. To see some breakdowns of my vfx work, click here.

As a Director/dp, I specialize in cinematic storytelling & spectacle. With a visual background as a VFX artist & in post, I emphasize pre vis from pre production to edit lock. Feel free to reach out, attach a letter to a pigeon, drop a smoke signal, or just send an email.

Learning something new everyday.
Drop a Smoke Signal.