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I.E: Some things to describe me that have absolutely nothing to do with film:  

I geek out on the design of everyday things. I like to practice karate. My favorite shows are: Breaking Bad, Mr. Robot, Better Call Saul, Maniac, & The Office (Seasons 1-4).  I’m a Christian. I wear beat-up barefoot shoes & a blue shirt almost everyday. You could call me a coffee snob, but there's a certain satisfaction you can't get anywhere else than with drinking microwaved coffee. And I love learning, in fact, I started a playlist of some of my favorite “boring” videos that I find fascinating right here. In the end, making things is a part of who I am, and making meaning of those things is what I'm in pursuit of. I’m a filmmaker, and this is me in a nutshell. Thanks the read.

A picture of me being told to act serious.

A picture of me smiling with no context.

A picture of me with context.

More seriousness. Where even am I?

At this point you should be bored. I've also run out of pictures of myself. If you want to contact me, this is my email here. Let's chat.

Learning something new everyday.
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