Logan loves filmmaking. He’s a DP & VFX artist. Logan started filmmaking at 10 using his legos for stop motion animation. Since then, he’s worked on projects for Wendy’s, Winnebago, Sony, and many others. He also geeks out on the design of everyday things, loves practicing karate, will occasionally drink old microwaved coffee, even though he doesn’t like to admit it, and is enthralled in learning new things everyday, in fact, everyday he adds a new video he’s learned from in a playlist of his favorite “boring” videos that he finds fascinating right here. In the end, he’s an image maker by trade and a storyteller by heart.

A picture of me being told to act serious.

A picture of me smiling with no context.

A picture of me with context.

More seriousness. Where even am I?

At this point you should be bored. I've also run out of pictures of myself. If you want to contact me, this is my email here. Let's chat.

Learning something new everyday.
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